Spice It Up!

Happy Thursday to our awesome readers!!  We are not only one day closer to the weekend {insert the happy dance} but TOMORROW we will be announcing the winner of our giveaway for the OOM household binder!  Have you done all [...]

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Raise your hand if you've ever kept an item because you thought, "I know I can use that someday...." Yet someday never comes. That item gets shoved in a closet or in the garage to become faded, dusty, moldy and when pulled [...]

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O. M. Giveaway!

        Goooooooood Tuesday morning guys!  Hey, are you ready for something so awesomely awesome that it will raise all levels of what you thought were awesome to even higher levels of awesome?!  You are?!  Well, let's talk….OOM is doing our FIRST [...]

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Toy Rotation

Anyone out there cringing at the thought of their children's bedrooms or play room? Kids get easily overwhelmed with too many choices and clutter. Ever watch your child dig through a toy box looking for one specific toy? They are [...]

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