Have no idea how or where to keep up with daily chores, de-clutter or starting a new project?

Here are 3 easy ways to get you motivated and on track:

The Putter~ I learned this from my husband. I watched as he “puttered” (his word) around on a Saturday afternoon going from task to task for an hour or so. I’ll be honest at first I thought it was an ineffective way to do things. I’ve noticed he accomplishes quite a bit in his puttering around and I’ve recently adopted the process for myself. Here is where the putter is most effective:
• Putting away items that have been sitting on your kitchen counter for-eh-vuhr.
• Cleaning out your car.
• Taking items that belong upstairs up and items that belong downstairs down. (Caution: save this task for a day where you didn’t do a spin class earlier that morning…. just sayin’.)
• Tidying up your yard: pull weeds, pick up dog poop, put away toys, and sweep the patio.
• I also use “the putter” when I am tired and/or unmotivated to do anything. Again, I’m amazed how much I can get accomplished by doing this.

The Daily Routine~ Once upon a time I was a hot mess. I didn’t want to be so I began to notice the habits of those who seemed to have it together. The difference? They had a daily routine. So I adopted a very simple one for myself:
• Make my bed. (Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Some days it may be the only tidy area and will make crawling into that cozy comfort the cherry on top of your day!)
• One load of laundry per day. (One load in washer in morning, in dryer before I leave the house and fold and put away before I go to bed.)
• A clean kitchen as soon as dinnertime is over.
• Budget (Check bank accounts and make any necessary adjustments to our household budget).
• Exercise. (For those who do not love this, combine it with another task. Don’t underestimate the calories that can be burned while tidying up your home.)
• Family time. (It is easy to overlook spending quality time together as a couple or family. We remind ourselves that this is the most important part of our day because without each other, nothing else matters.)

The Timer Technique~ This is a technique I use because I like to keep things simple and because I do not enjoy cleaning. (Organizing and cleaning…VERY different my friends.) I began using a timer to focus on one task at a time. I was able to endure the task at hand because I knew that timer would ding any second. I discovered that by using this technique with my attention completely focused on one task at a time I was able to accomplish a lot in that short amount of time. Here’s how it works:
• Choose a task or place to start in your home.
• Grab a trash bag and laundry basket (empty it first, please).
• Create zones KEEP-TRASH-SELL/SHRED-DONATE. You can simply write these on pieces of paper and spread them around your space.
• Set the timer on your phone (or egg timer if you insist) anywhere from 2-20 minutes. (YES! You can accomplish so much in 2 minutes!)
• Once the timer is set it’s GO time.
• Quickly pick up an item and put it away, in one of the zones or if it belongs in another room inside the laundry basket.
• STOP, when your timer dings. (If you continue you will get distracted, possibly frustrated and now you just have piles of more stuff.)
• Move on to your next space.
• At the end of your session bag your trash, place donations in your car (or in a spot where you will be reminded to call for pick up), either shred paperwork immediately or place in your shred bin and put all keep items away. (Note~ as for the sell items. Let’s have some real talk. ONLY keep sell items if you really will sell them. If this is not something you will do immediately please donate.)

What works for you?

Thank you for reading One Organized Mama!