Most people hate having to clean house. Especially, if you work full-time then want to come home and spend time with your family after a long day. Even for the busiest individual, there are ways to have a tidy house and have time for relaxation. Most of these tips are things that are easy to implement into any schedule, which maximizes the time that you get to spend relaxing with your family.


Keep a wastebasket in every room of the house

Let’s be serious here. Everyone has gotten a late night snack and accidently left the trash sitting around. You wake up in the morning and discover that your trash has somehow multiplied. The easiest way to deal with this household phenomenon is to place a wastebasket in every room of your house. By doing so, you will never be too far away from a waste receptacle.


Wipe down the bathroom every day

At first, this may seem like a pain. Once it has become a habit, however, it should only take a few minutes. The best time to do so is right after you have showered and dressed for the day. The first thing to do is clean off the counters that are sure to be littered with hair, makeup, and personal cleansing products. By getting them in order and wiping the counters, you are taking care of clutter that you do not have to trifle through later on. After you have decluttered the counters, you can then spray and wipe down the shower. By doing so, your bathroom will be clean for you later on in the day. It will also alleviate some of the stress of deep cleaning your bathroom.


One load of laundry a day

As we all know, Laundry piles up quickly. The best way to handle this is to wash, fold, and put away one load of laundry a day. You can always do more, but you should never do less. Doing it this way will make sure that your laundry does not become unmanageable. Consequently, your house will remain orderly by not having piles of clothes laying around.


House Sweep through and plan for tomorrow

At the end of your day, before you relax, you can do a quick sweep through of your house. If you see any toys that were left out, put them away. If there is any laundry left to fold and put away, do it. During this time, you can take the time to wash anything that was left over in the kitchen and wipe down the counters. Anything left over from earlier in the day can be taken care of during this last sweep through of the day.

Next thing to do is to sit down and prepare for the next day. That would be writing down a to-do list, setting out plates for breakfast, or writing specific chores you need to do for the next day. By planning for the next day, you will always be one step ahead of the game. Consequently, your day will pass with more fluidity. Everything that you need or need to do will already be written down.


Give yourself a break

When trying to keep an orderly house, this is the most important rule. You may try as hard as you can, but no one expects you to be perfect. Some days will be harder than others. You may not get everything done, but that’s okay. As a human, imperfections are expected. If you get frazzled, take a deep breath and relax. That’s your key to an orderly home.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of native american blankets and jewelry.