Sorting Saves You Time

This hamper was found on Here's the link: Confession....this is actually a chore I like! There's something about conquering those piles in the hamper and putting away fresh clean clothes. I get a tremendous amount of [...]

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How we pack for a roll-out

You guys!  Raise your hand if you will be traveling this summer…{hand raised}.  We are being blessed with a trip and being sent to Legoland!!  Woot, woot!  All of the boys, and particularly one of them {who eats, sleeps & [...]

Don’t you wish you had a Pinterest linen closet…

Hey friends!  Glad you came by here today.  I have been busy trying to re-organize some spaces in the house.  I mean, with four boys running around, organizing once just doesn't happen.  It is like laundry; something I keep having [...]