Don’t roll your eyes….hear me out first.

Color coordinating your closet is great way to get organized for several reasons.

Above is a closet I organized for a client who travels frequently. She needed her closet organized in a fashion where she could pack and unpack with ease. She said she preferred to pack clothes by color which made it easier for her to coordinate outfits on the road.

You can do this with these simple tips:

Group like items together...t-shirts, jeans, dresses, shorts etc…

Do a quick purge as you go. Sadly, it is now time to part with those killer jeans that fit 4 years ago.

Utilize shelves for folded clothes. You are more likely to keep them folded neatly instead of stuffed inside drawers.

Try and use the same type of hangers for a consistent look. (No WIRE HAAANGERS!!! No really, they are so unsightly.)

Now it’s time to hang, fold and put away.

Benefits of this super awesome organized technique include:

-Save a little money. I like shopping as much as the next chick, but when you realize you have 8 black tank tops you’ll save the $16 to buy a new one because you can’t find any of yours.

A total time saver as it truly does make it easier to put clothes away and find things.

It just makes you smile….and we absolutely love when your house makes you smile!

Enjoy Life Organized!