A home for every item and every item in its home.

A home for every item and every item in its home.

The key to being organized is to have systems in your home or office that work for you and to maintain those systems by utilizing good habits.

We learned habits as children such as; make your bed every morning, brush your teeth, wash your hands, do your chores.

Our parents had a purpose for teaching us these habits which was to stay healthy, productive, clean, etc. We wouldn’t be able to brush our teeth and have good dental hygiene if our parents didn’t provide us with the necessary tools such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, or how often we should brush.

As busy adults we need to create systems in our lives that foster efficient habits and give ourselves and families the tools to continue these habits.

When we live or work with others it is important to get input from your family/coworkers to create these systems.

For instance, my kids have preferences where they like to do their homework. Trust me it is much easier to listen to their input and develop a “homework station” around their needs then it is to force them to do their homework in the home office where I would prefer it to be done.

Obviously, I as the parent have the final decision on any plan and they understand there is no compromise on things like having the television on during homework time.

So to help you start thinking of creating your own systems in your life I have created the following list for you.

Create a space for every item in your home I truly mean EVERY item! Even keepsakes need a home. If you cannot find a spot for items consider how much you use, need, or even want the item. It may be an item that can be donated to someone who can use it.

Group like items together Items used for baking, gift wrapping, crafts, kid snacks, gardening, etc should be grouped together in their own space.

Store items where you use them the most Eliminate running around the house toting items from one end to the next by creating storage solutions that are accessible to where you use things. If you bake often it makes more sense to display your mixer on the counter top or keep it handy in a nearby cabinet.

Label, label, and label I am learning this the hard way in my own home. I’ve created these great organizing systems and yet when I open a drawer or closet I am dismayed by the chaos my well meaning family has created by trying to put things away. Their punishment……labels. This helps them put things away easily and keeps me from yelling, “You know people are looking at our house judging ME on how organized it is and it’s a MESS!!!”

Use a timer! Give yourself 5, 10, or 15 minutes to either straighten or organize. Take your trusty damp cloth and Swiffer to clean as you go too. Stay focused on the task at hand and when that timer goes off and STOP! Move on to something else.

So there you have it!

As always contact me with any questions because I truly do love to do the research and help you figure out solutions!

Of course contact me if you live in the Las Vegas area to help you create and implement any organizing systems in your home or office!

Enjoy Life Organized!