Hey guys & welcome!  Hope your Friday has been fantastic and fun!  Today I am taking a quick minute to talk about what I have been doing the last couple of days.  Now, I need you to not be getting all jealous and stuff.  As you will see, this is some pretty incredible business we are talking about…and with that, I announce to you: CRUMBS & CLOTHES!  Are you so excited you can not handle it?  Yes.  That’s what I thought.  

So, here’s the deal.  School is out.  Kids are home.  And already, a couple of weeks into summer break, we are noticing that the days are slipping on by.  Like, how come I went to Hobby Lobby and already see the fall decor out?!  Days go fast; life goes fast.  And before we know it, it’s going to be that time; stalking the aisles of the store, picking up the endless school supplies on our list {and the stuff we don’t need because it’s just too cute to pass up} with the smell of yellow #2 pencils in the air.  I am a self admitted office supply junkie.  Maybe these things don’t excite you near as much! However, before that time draws near, it is time to do a quick eval & clean-out of last years backpack and clutter.



Soooooo, do your kiddos backpack look like this?  All three of my school aged kids had crazy, messy backpacks!  And, lo and behold, the crumbs of days past.  Who knows where these crumbs came from.  Who knows if they are toxic {haha} but all I know is, I can’t deal.  The backpacks were totally thrashed and well used in this school year {got our moneys worth}.  This being said, they won’t be getting reused- so for the most part, we did a quick look through and then a trash collect.  The look through was to keep and put away any projects, writings or papers that we wanted to keep.  The trash collect was to rid crumbs and the excess graded, smudged and torn papers.  After that, any school supplies that were salvageable were put away into our stock of supplies and the backpack was thrown into the donation pile.  DONE.  Now we are totally clean and clear to start from square one in August when those school supply aisles beckon us. {& I can’t wait!}

Next up were the CLOTHES!  My kiddos wore uniforms to their school, so we have almost two wardrobes going on here.  Their new school will not have uniforms, so it was really easy to go through the closet and make piles of what to keep & what to donate.  I would say most of the uniform clothes were given to donation {except the beige, black or navy shorts- they will still be worn}.  I actually will be donating them to the old school so families can take from there to get their kiddos ready for the new school year.  I super believe in paying it forward…


After that, I was like “well, I am already sweaty and in clothes up to my eyes, let’s do this,” and that is when I decided to go through the drawers.  Maybe you did this clean out in the spring, but I am noticing that lots of the jeans and even some tees are already too small for the boys.  Again, I went through and made piles of what to keep and what to donate and what to pass down to the younger kids.  This was a refreshing chore to have done, because in all of the hectic fun of summer, I feel as though their rooms are clean and uncluttered and the clothes are all up to date.  Pretty much, if I saw that black winter hoodie in the laundry again, I was going to LOSE IT!  Now I am confident that this will not occur, because only summer clothes are in the drawers now.  And if said black hoodie does indeed make its way into the laundry again…I will be convinced it is a conspiracy to drive this mama crazy. 

So, take a little bit of time and clear out the kiddos backpacks and clothes and you too will feel like a gazillion bucks!  Then, go swim.  And paint your toes.  And your nails.  Because, you, mama, deserve it!

Until next time,