If you have kids, you’ve seen Frozen.  I have four boys and have seen Frozen.  Thousands of times.  If you have grandkids, you’ve seen Frozen.  If you have nieces and nephews, you too, have seen Frozen.  Basically, if you are alive, you have seen Frozen, or, at the very least, know of Frozen.  Frozen is THE iconic movie of 2014, no one can deny.  With that said, you also must know of THE song; the chart topper, the smash hit; only to be known as “Let It Go.”  I have kids around singing this song all of the days.  I think they sing it in their sleep and I have nightmares dreams of this song where I am stuck in a redundant parallel universe where all I hear the rest of my life is LET IT GO, LET IT GO, CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE!  Then I wake up and feel thankful for a mundane Monday.

But…this got me thinking the other day when I was going through my two littlest boys’ room.  I voluntold them to get in the room and help me with the sweet little messes that they are responsible for.  They each came in with a Target bag so they could load up any trash.  With my prompting, they would put away some toys, throw clothes in the hamper and place a few things in the trash bags.  I started to notice though, that my eight year old was not throwing away much of the stuff I asked him to.  Things like Lego boxes with no legos in them…..lots and lots of Lego boxes.  He didn’t want to throw away a little wire and plate from a broken down race car that he no longer has…an eraser to the top of a pencil that I am certain he bit off….a tag from a new t-shirt.  I was like “dude, what gives?!” and he was like “mom, I just REALLY like this stuff!” To an extent, I understand the Lego boxes, but the bitten off eraser?  No.  And in this moment, I instantly turned into THAT mom and sang THAT song; which by the way, irritated him so much.  But in all honesty; it’s true.  Often, we need to Let It Go.  I talked with him in extent about why we don’t NEED to keep 837 Lego boxes, that he could keep two and the rest needed to go.  We talked about how we need to throw things away to make room for other things or give things away to pay it forward before we collect more.  Kids are masters at hoarding and truly have a hard time letting things go.  It is really a great thing to start teaching these principles early so that your kiddos can have an understanding of letting things go, keeping their space tidy and clean and giving things away that they are not using anymore to benefit others.  It is so much more than cleaning a room, it is teaching life lessons in an approachable and relevant way.

So, thank you Disney.  Thank you for making the Frozen movie and that song that we ALL know!

What are the areas that you could work on in your home to implement the Let It Go attitude?  A quick tip; anything you haven’t worn or used in the last three to six months….LET IT GO!!

Until next time,