Happy Thursday ya’ll! It’s been a busy, busy week in the C6 house.  We have been going at mach speed for days!  You know all the times I post things about our {outdated} kitchen?  Well, we have been working hard and steady on some of those projects.  However, in-between all of the madness I had to take a minute and fix something.

Something called the fridge.  OMG you guys, I can’t even tell you how fast our fridge goes from organized bliss to circus mess!  When you have kiddos home all day for the summer break, constantly scavenging for food, this will and does happen.  What I have come to learn is, no one cleans like mama cleans.  No one cares about organization and properness like mama does.  So, I cope.  Here is the picture of the madness {before}; I actually remembered to take a before photo! 



Don’t even judge me.

See, kids don’t care.  You must know that a few days prior to this circus, this fridge was super duper clean and stuff.  Seriously.  

So in the madness of refinishing cabinets, a moment of silence was taken to find some semblance of order in our most frequently used and beloved appliance.  It was a quick process of putting veggies and fruit in their drawer, cheeses and deli meats in their little home and just re-classifying the like items with one another.  I actually do a thorough clean out and wipe down of shelving every two weeks {get rid of yucky leftovers that obviously no one is going to partake}.  In between those major overhauls, I have to do a couple reorganizing stints to keep my mind kitchen in tip top shape.  


Perfect? no.  Better? yes!  And with that, I closed those doors and went back to the never-ending kitchen reno.  See, a quick five minutes and I felt like I really accomplished a task that needed attention.  Yay me!

How often do you do a major clean in your fridge? How often do you wipe down and clean out the drawers?  What about doing small little re-organization jobs?  What are you favorite tips and tricks?  We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,