What’s the snowball you ask?

Here’s an example:

This morning I walked into my laundry room to put a load of clothes in the washer. I have one of those front loading washers and when I opened the compartment to pour in the detergent I noticed water had filled the fabric softener compartment. (Stay with me…I do have a point.) So I jiggled the compartment, which usually drains the water but this time I popped out the entire compartment! (True story!)

With the little compartment in my hand, I noticed a lot of fabric softener build up underneath which was the culprit in not allowing fabric softener to drain properly. So fast forward in this fascinating story (you’re welcome!) I found myself 25 minutes into this insanity with not only all those little compartments but the entire drawer in the utility sink scrubbing ages of built up detergent scum! Then placing them back I noticed where stuff had dripped down the door and a small pool of dried goo underneath the washer. On hands and knees, scrubbing dried goo, I found myself squinting under washer to see what other horrors lay ahead.

Finally I came to my senses and stopped there!

What was I doing? On a day where I had time sensitive matters to attend to here I was spending 25 + minutes attending to a matter that should have taken less than 2 minutes.

This my friends is called the SNOWBALL.

When you begin one task and it leads you to multiple distracting tasks.

What’s the remedy to this? Well, to stay focused of course.

Since I am prone to getting trapped in the snowball I use the “Timer Method” and use my phone timer when I have many things to do but am in a time crunch. I set the timer to either 5, 10,  or 15 minute increments to keep myself on task. This adds a little urgency to completing a task because I am reminded that the clock is ticking.

When the timer, “Dings!”. I stop and move on.

So if you are prone to getting caught in the snowball give this tip a try!

Enjoy Life Organized!


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