Hey friends!  Glad you came by here today.  I have been busy trying to re-organize some spaces in the house.  I mean, with four boys running around, organizing once just doesn’t happen.  It is like laundry; something I keep having to do.  For some reason my kiddos don’t care much about mama’s obsession excitement with organization. They reiterate this fact daily, when they unload the dishwasher, clean up their rooms or use the bathroom to get ready for the day.  It just doesn’t matter to them!  And not to be excluded in their theory of “messy is best,” is the linen closet.  

We moved into our home about six months ago. My dream and vision was to have every single nook and cranny extremely and ridiculously organized.  To wake up and walk on clouds around the house because of said organization, with hair flowing and makeup perfectly in place {all inclusive of the pampering fairy, in my sleep}.  However, I quickly woke to realize that this was not going to be the case; thus a recent post about striving for progress, not perfection.  I am first a wife, and mommy; the house part comes after.  Upon moving into our home, I quickly realized that in order to make space for things, I was able to stuff lots of odds and ends in the linen closet.  This closet is super deep and large and it was the perfect stuffing spot!  EVERYTHING ended up in there, that no one could find a place for.  Sure, the blankets and sheets and towels housed themselves in there, but it was like digging through the masses to find anything you really needed.  One night, I had completely HAD it with this closet.  I was up for the challenge and IT WAS ON!  

Like I always start with in any project, I unloaded everything from the closet.  I made piles of the items I wanted to keep and the rest went to donation {or the trash}.  I decided what really need to be in the linen closet.  Like, did my kids really need to have old Lego boxes in there? No.  Did they need to have winter clothes that no longer fit in there? No.  So, like most people I decided that the linen closet would have…LINENS!  Linens & towels.  That is it.  I did my best {with the help of the kiddos} to fold up the towels nicely, to make sheet sets all encompassed and to have blankets folded and in their proper place.  I think it turned out pretty great, and the cool thing is, because I let the kids help a lot with this project, it has actually STAYED this way.  I think they took pride and ownership in the work it took to get it organized and easy access.  I am so proud of the end result!  And, though it definitely isn’t going to be that “perfect Pinterest” linen closet, I love it because it is in my home, and my little bubs helped with the transformation.
2014-06-24 12.25.48
top: blankets
second: master bedding
third: pillow cases in green basket, kids linens in the plastic zip pouch (empty space is for pool towels)
fourth: towels & hand towels
bottom: extra pillows, which are currently missing…gotta love kids! ;)

Have some fun in your linen closet today!

Until next time,