I will find any excuse to avoid getting up early to get a quick workout in. The bed is so warm….I work hard…. I deserve to stay in it…….Is that wind/rain/snow/hail I hear outside??

I will take more time to come up with the excuse than it would to just get up and get going.

So fitting in a workout must be as much of a priority as brushing my teeth or doing my hair.

Just as I insist “Making Your Bed” is a great way to insert good routines into your life. Getting up a little extra early to get a quick workout in will help you start a path to fitness and the best part is that it has become easier than ever!

I’ve learned that even just a quick jog around the block with my dog Scout in tow is a great way to burn a few calories before breakfast.

For the mornings when it is too dark, cold, hot (I do live in Vegas after all), my exercise of choice is yoga! I love my Sunday afternoon yoga classes and asked my wonderful instructor how to incorporate more into my daily routine.

He suggested the following apps:





During each session you can see the pose in the photo as a soothing voice directs your practice. There is a little timer that shows you how long to hold a pose and you can look ahead at an overview of the workout to see if there is anything you’re unfamiliar with before you begin.

The wonderful thing about these apps is that you can choose or customize routines that are specific to your needs, goals, and time constraints. Since I am practicing at home alone I am careful about the routines I choose since I don’t have the guidance  of my yoga instructor. They still offer me a challenge and I definitely feel the difference afterwards!

If yoga isn’t your thing….there are a plethora of fitness apps out there with the same concepts.

I’d love to hear of any you use in your fitness routine!

Enjoy Life Organized!