Hey friends!  Welcome here this fine Thursday!  It has been a non-stop week, for sure.  For those of us who really like “busy,” weeks like these are great!  Thankfully though, the weekend is right around the corner and we can maybe take a minute to breathe.  Maybe.

Today I wanted to share with you from the heart.  Just a couple of weeks ago, my friend had a new baby.  She now has her little hands full with three kiddos, ages six, three, and newborn.  As you can imagine, it’s always non-stop for her; especially since it is summer break!  Anyway, the other night we were talking and she was sharing with me that she could not believe how LONG it took to get ready, packed up, and out the door for a simple quick trip to a store.  Beings that I have “been there, done that” I shared with her my little tips that I thought would help.  And today, I will share with you!  If you or someone you know has just had a baby, these easy little things make the big picture of an outing so much easier. 


First, in the evening, when all of your babes are asleep, think about the day you will be having ‘tomorrow.’  If you have places to go and people to see, you will want to think in advance about preparing as much as possible.  What that would look like for me is, I would start with the baby’s diaper bag.  Make certain you have enough diapers, wipes, rash cream, extra outfit, paci, snacks, drink cup, bottles, etc.  You know what items you baby will need on an outing, so go ahead and pack them up while you have a quiet moment.  Then you will want to lay out your baby’s outfit that you want them to wear.  EASY!

Next, think of the older kiddos and what they will be needing.  Lay out their outfit, including undies and shoes.  If they need snacks and drinks, pack a small backpack that they can carry and have that ready to take.  I would even stick the pack in the fridge with the drinks already poured so I could literally grab and go.  This is also a good time to pack school lunches for your school aged kiddos. Same thing; pack the lunch and stick it in the fridge so in the morning, it is grab and go.  Have backpacks for school packed with what they need for the following day {if it’s library day, have them place their books in their backpack, etc}.  After getting dressed and eating, your kiddos can grab their lunch and backpack and head out the door!  EASY!

I have this mirror/hook thing that my mom gave me a years ago.  It hangs in our laundry room and has five hooks.  This is our school command center for backpacks.  The kids hang their stuff here {coats in the winter, too} and it really avoids the “mom, where is my backpack..?” irritation and keeps things off the floor and organized. Underneath it is the shoe storage system. Do you have a hanging hook system?  They are super easy to find, even the peel and stick ones work great {check weight capacity to be sure you purchase the correct ones}!  EASY!


Basically, what I found as a BUSY mama, was the more I could do the night before, the smoother and less stressful my day out & about went.  Sounds really simple and obvious but unless you are doing it, you have no idea what a monumental help it is!  And the best thing, you can keep doing this even when the kiddos are older.  I don’t have any babies around anymore and we still practice these procedures, especially in school season!  Because, it is EASY!  

What are your best tips and tricks to stay organized with a new addition to the family?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Until next time,