My workshops offer a super fun, personal and unique experience in getting organized!
Paperwork can take over our counters and desks so quickly. In my years of organizing, the one thing that stands out with my clients, as well as in my own home is keeping paperwork in check.
With the paperwork workshop, or as I like to call it, The Paperwork Party, you will be able to invite your friends and family and host a personal Paperwork Party! I will come and teach you my easy paperwork strategy and how to keep everything in it’s place.
Paperwork Kits are $60 per person, and each person will receive:
A how to guide
Sorting signs
File folders
A binder
The host of the Paperwork Party will receive their kit for free, as long as there are two or more attendees. For Parties with 5-10 attendees, there will also be a 10% discount per person for their paperwork kits!
Parties with greater than 10 attendees, please contact me personally by phone or email!

Stay tuned for more workshops that will be added, including:

* Time Management
* How To Declutter

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