Confession time. I keep ALL gift bags. It is a rare occasion that I actually have to purchase one.

Although this was organized. It wasn’t easy to find one in a snap.


So I pondered until I found a better solution. I am always on the search for unusual places and spaces to store items. Doors are often overlooked spaces that provide great solutions for storage ideas.

I realized the back of this door in our downstairs “craft-exercise-dog kennel-place where I keep my cookbooks” room was perfect for storing bags.

I purchased an over the door hanger with three large hooks to store tissue paper (which I do buy new in case you were worried).


I also bought several of the large 3M adhesive hooks which are one of my favorite products.


Walla! Here is the result!


A place where I can easily find a proper sized gift bag for just about any occasion.

Enjoy Life Organized!
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