Yes, you! You know who you are. You have piles of paperwork on your desk, your kitchen counter, shoved in a drawer, in a basket “somewhere”, in the door of your car…have I missed a spot?

I’m not judging you….I AM you!

Paperwork. The absolute bane of my existence. My kryptonite. As much as I love organizing I don’t like organizing this. It sucks.

As the mom of three, with a husband who seems to attract paperwork like one of those guys that covers himself with hundreds of bees…..(yeah it’s a stretch but seriously the man has a lot of paperwork!)

Let’s just say our household gets it’s fair share of paperwork. (And YES to the people trying to save the trees we HAVE opted out on mailing lists and get bills sent to us via email! You can relax now.)

So when Millisa showed me her awesome household binder (yes the one we sell for only $25!) I thought I had finally found my utopia….almost.

What about the OTHER stuff? The paperwork I have to keep such as tax stuff, membership info, etc?

Well that’s when we created a filing system which we lovingly call “Not Yo’ Mama’s Filing System”. (Yes the one we sell as a starter kit for only $25!) This is NOT the filing system of days gone past with those horrendous brown-ish file cabinets with blah folders stuffed with Goodness-Knows-What’s-In-There-Hey-Isn’t-That-My-Report-Card-From-Seventh-Grade type paperwork.

The horror.

Our filing system is streamlined, colorful, creative, transportable, and FUN!

Here’s how I tackle a pile of paperwork at Casa de Ashurst-Ralat:


Take said pile from {insert ridiculous place where paperwork does not belong}.

binder 1

Bring Household Binder and Not Yo’ Mama’s File System on over to meet pile o’ paperwork.

blog 1

blog 3

Create these four categories on post-it notes.

Now it’s time to divvy up that little ol’ pile into one of the four categories.

blog 4

blog 2

Again, think BROAD categories when making your files for your binder and file system. Remember, nothing is permanent so don’t over analyze this process. Just stick on a label and move on.

blog 5

Yeah it’s truly as simple as that!

Now truly EVERY piece of paperwork is neatly tucked away and has a place it belongs. After all, aren’t we all just trying to find a place to belong???

Want to learn more? Want to get started on your own journey to PAPERWORK utopia???

Great! Come by our Mama’s Night Out on June 13th (RSVP for details), order a few kits, invite a few friends and laugh while you put on your own Mama’s Night Out, or certainly just order a kit to put together on your own!

We’re super easy to reach for more information or to order!

Thank you for reading One Organized Mama!