You guys!  Raise your hand if you will be traveling this summer…{hand raised}.  We are being blessed with a trip and being sent to Legoland!!  Woot, woot!  All of the boys, and particularly one of them {who eats, sleeps & breathes Legos} will have the time of their life for a couple of days! 


So, basically, getting a family of six ready for a road trip can be a bit of a challenge. I mean, remembering every little thing you need to pack and doing that for six people can make a mama go a little crazy, amiright?! Here is the system I have come up with, and I tell you about it with caution, because it’s certainly not all fancy and stuff…but it works. For starters, each person age five and older gets their very own super cool,”big guy on campus” list to prepare for packing. It will look something like this…
2014-06-27 09.21.56

The list. A list like this is handed out to each boy and even the hubs. They take said list to their room and cross off each item as they get it from their drawer and set it on their bed. After everything is collected, they bring their goodies to mom. Mom {me} will be sitting on the floor surrounded by duffle bags. We currently are able to use five duffle bags to get everyone packed. I take a quick looksy at the crossed off items from their list and compare with the items they have brought to me, just to make sure the toothbrush is there, haha. Then, the goodies get packed in the bag, and it’s done. I do my own bag and the little guy’s bag and I am also responsible for the “mom” stuff. This would include things like sunscreen, chapstick, first aid kit, tylenol, benadryl, snackies for inside the park, etc. I also make sure I have a mesh laundry bag {say, lifesaver}. This helps me keep everything organized while in the hotel. Anything dirty, goes in that bag and upon homecoming, I am able to start up the laundry with ease.

laundry bags can also be found at the dollar store

laundry bags can also be found at the dollar store

I share all of this because I can literally have my fam of six packed and ready in an hour or less, using this system. And to me, that is amazing! #canigetawitness!
Oh, and last but not least, my kids love the little travel packs I make. Each kiddo gets a small bag, like a backpack, and it is filled with things that they can snack on during the road trip {think granola bars, grapes, pretzels, nuts} and things they can do to keep entertained {think books, magazines, travel games like tic tac toe, music, or printables for license plate games, etc} At each rest stop, we empty the car of all trash and then it’s back at it. Part of keeping sane while traveling is remaining organized and clutter free. As the mama, this is pretty much all on me! But it’s all good; after all, I am one organized mama!

Happy travels & until next time,