You guys, seriously…I would die without this tool.  And I suppose it is fresh on my mind to post about this since I JUST paid bills.  There are many, many things I can think of that I would rather do than pay these oh-so-joyful things, but alas they are part of the charmed life {haha}.  

I have gone through my household binder contents with you in a former post and this was definitely in there- but I know that I did not go into all of the gloriousness that IS the finance checklist.  The reason I adore this little paper so much is because it is the go-to tool in all finance matters.  And it keeps my mom brain in check.  You see, after having four kiddos {and these said kiddos being all boys}, I have had brain cells sucked from me.  I am pretty sure my boys siphon out my good brain jelly while I sleep in the night; there is no other explanation.  Anyway, along with the story; I declare that everyone should have a monthly financial checklist.  Cool thing is, if you have already purchased one of our snazzy binders, you totally have one already & if you order a binder, you will then have one as well!  Yay, you!

This is the meat of the post; the “how you can use the monthly finance checklist and be super rad” details.  First thing is to take a few minutes and list ALL of your bills on the -Bills to be Paid- section.  There is plenty of room for all you may have.  Next to that, you will write in the space provided -Due- a round about day of the month that each bill is due.  Then from there, start with the current month {listed up top in order}.  So for June, I will get out all of my bills, checkbook, address stamp, pen, stamps, etc and of course this amazing list.  According to pay periods, I decide what needs to be paid now & what can wait until the next pay period.  The bills that are being paid now, I will record the amount I paid to that bill on it’s designated line and then make that fancy little check mark in the box to know that it was indeed paid!  Ugh! Isn’t that fantastic?!  DONE.  And now when the hubs says, did you pay Sprint {or whatever} and I can’t even be sure because I have unpredictable brain cells I can look at this handy dandy list and say “you bet I did, baby!” 

And that is pretty much that.  Easy peasy, lemon breezy {is what my 7 year old sings all. day. long}.

You’re welcome. 

Until next time,