If there was a show on HGTV….or some other network, where the contestants all participated in multitasking competitions, I would apply to be on it. I would possibly be a top competitor. I would possibly win.

Don’t believe me? Well I challenge you to “one-arm-holding-an-infant-the-other arm-shopping-and-making-doctor’s appointments-returning emails-and-corraling-my-other-kid’s-through-the-cereal-aisle” ANY day of the week.

Scared? Yeah you should be……..


For years I have proudly worn the badge as “The woman who can do it all….at the SAME time.”

If you’re a modern day mama you’ve likely displayed this badge yourself…..admit it.

It is by no accident that these recent  “studies” have caught my attention about the downfalls of multitasking. At first I ignored them. Then I turned up the volume a little to hear what bunk they were going to say….because after all I am a master multi tasker capable of getting SO much done in one day.

These “studies” were stating conclusions such as, “Multitasking makes you delusional.” http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=95256794

Multitasking kills brain cells…..WHAT??!!


Well these conclusions made me perk up and research for myself. Weeding through the scientific-cognitive-brainiac talk I realized……I really need to stop multitasking.

Then I realized there might be something to this. On the days where I’m doing several things at once are not my best days. I go to bed feeling tired and overwhelmed.

Searching for a solution to this madness I’ve discovered the oh so awesome Timer Technique.

What’s this you ask? Oh it’s amazing.

I choose a task….cleaning a room, organizing a closet, sorting paperwork, clothing or some other task.


I set my timer to any increment between 2-20 minutes. (WARNING….Do NOT go beyond 20 minutes. Just don’t. You’ll get distracted.)

Then GO! Place items in each pile and when then timer *DINGS* I stop.

Toss trash, bag up Sell/Donate, yes shred the Shred….(see you’re getting it) and put items in Keep pile where they belong.

That’s it.

This helps me stay focused on one task at a time.

If I have more time I begin a new task using the same technique.

The days I utilize this technique truly do help me feel accomplished during my day. Give it a try and take off that silly multitasking badge.

That’s it my friends!

Thank you for taking time to read One Organized Mama!