One of the most requested organizing services I receive is for paperwork. I see two issues over and over. The first is that my clients have no idea where to put their paperwork and the second is once they create a space for paperwork they can never find it again.

Me: “Where do you keep your auto policy?”

Client: “In my file cabinet under….cars….(looking)…nope….Honda…..nope….insurance…….hold on let me run out to the garage.”

Here is a solution to this very common dilemma.


First, create a place for EVERYTHING in your home. Including and especially paper. If you are unsure where to file something under create a temporary file. You can always change it later.

Secondly, I make a MASTER file such as “Tax Info” which will contain any and all tax information.



Then I simply add file folders with the years.



This is simple enough so that whether I need to find a tax return or W-2 from any year it is easy to get to.

So KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY with your filing systems. Try and use terms that are broad and you can add folders inside to divvy things up and make it easy for you to glance, grab, and go!

Enjoy Life Organized my friends and thank you for reading One Organized Mama!


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