Forgive the “lame-white-girl-trying-to-be-hip” title….I needed something catchy in the hopes that someone would read this post. It’s not the most exciting topic in the world, BUT it is the foundation for all organizing projects.
We’re talking  KEEP  TRASH  SHRED/SELL  DONATE zones.

This technique is the starting point for all organizing projects. All you have to do is find your project, set your timer using the Timer Technique, jot down KEEP, TRASH, DONATE and SELL/SHRED (depending on your project) and GO!!!

Pick up one item at a time and place it in one of the zones.

The trick is to make QUICK decisions. If you’re on the fence about an item then place it in the KEEP zone. Easy peasy!

When your timer, DINGS! then stop, throw away the TRASH, SHRED paperwork, place any DONATE or SELL items in a conspicuous spot you’ll see every single day. Yes, I want you to see those items so you’ll be reminded to SELL or take to a DONATION site immediately.

Now, for that KEEP zone. Well my friend, it’s now time to get honest with yourself because  it is time to find a place and purpose for every single item in that zone. If you’re still not willing to part with that D.E.C.A. sweatshirt circa 1994…..(any D.E.C.A. nerds out there??) well either put it with the other sweatshirts in your closet if you’re honestly going to wear it or create a memory box and stick it in there to remind you of the sweet memories of making it to nationals two years in a row….WHAT??….oh yes I did!

Check out 4 Steps To Organize Anything for more ideas on how to find a place and purpose for every item in your home.

Thank  you for reading One Organized Mama!