I love to cook and wanted to share a little secret with you…..cooking more than one meal at a time is a HUGE time saver! Really, whether you’re cooking one meal or several it doesn’t take much more time.

I am as guilty as the next on going to the grocery store with the best of intentions, my cart stocked full of healthy foods, only to find myself tossing out those now moldy items two weeks later. What a shame and what a waste!

To avoid this our options are:

1. Make frequent trips to the store buying smaller quantities….very European!

2. Or when making that big trip take the time to package items in easy to serve portions and/or immediately cook some meals!

With this meal I had:

Fresh spinach

A large piece of salmon

4 sweet potatoes


Ground chicken

The sweet potatoes were quickly sliced and placed on a baking sheet in a 375 degree oven.

I heated three sauté pans on the stove at the same time with a touch of olive oil in each. Spinach in one, ground chicken in another and sliced salmon went into third.

Once the spinach was cooked I used that same pan for the zucchini and squash I had in a refrigerator drawer.

Once everything was cooked it was easy to prepare ready made meals in plastic containers.  A post-it note with contents and date cooked slapped on top.

I created some varieties and kept seasoning to a minimum. That way it can be seasoned to the taste of the lucky person who gets to eat such a healthy and yummy meal!

FullSizeRenderI kept the sweet potatoes in separate containers and they made a great side dish for another meal I made days later.

From start to finish this took me about 45 minutes. It provided several lunch/dinner options and truth be told I only threw away one small container with the chicken. Overall, a big hit in my household and huge time/money saver!

What quick, healthy and easy tips do you have for meals?

Happy Cooking!