While in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle don’t forget the power of keeping lists!

This helps me stay on track with time, money, and energy.

During this season I keep lists in the following categories:

    • Recipients Name
    • Gift(s) to be purchased
    • Don’t forget host gifts for holiday parties.
    • Amount to spend on each gift
    • Check off as you go!
    • Menu of quick and easy meals for busy nights
    • Holiday meals w/ ingredient list for shopping
    • Baking list w/ ingredient list for shopping
    • Parties- Dates, times, and what to wear/bring
    • Children’s activities along with what to buy/wear/bring
    • Family traditions-driving to see Holiday lights-w/ date/time
    • Items to be packed
    • List of items to bring (itinerary, confirmation codes, gifts, etc)
    • To Do’s- pay for luggage fees, coordinate pet sitter, confirming reservations, etc
    • Photos to be used if any
    • List of recipients with current addresses
    • Check off as you go!

 I personally LOVE notebooks and carry one with me at all times. That way I can keep all of my list’s in one place and get stuff done on my lunch break or waiting in line to pick up kids from school.

May you all have a wonderful stress-free holiday season and THANK YOU for taking time to read One Organized Mama!