I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but when  I start Christmas shopping, unless I write things down, I remember nothing! I suppose it has to do with having four kiddos, each one depleting some brain cells… Oh, and the fact that I’m almost {forty} insert shocked face! But the bottom line is, I’ve found ,what I think is the best way, to keep things in order and always know where I’m at with my gift giving.
I am truly a paper and pen girl. I love planners and pens and all office products! For several years, I carried lists with me for gift tracking. That worked okay, but I would often forget the list at home and one year, a sneaky sneak found it and read all of his and his siblings gifts! That wasn’t going to work anymore. So, plan B….
In this tech savvy world, almost everyone has a phone and the best advice I have is this… Making that gift list on my “Notes” app in my phone, like this example:
As you can see, I’ve listed the people I’m purchasing gifts for. The moment I have it in my cart, I open the app and make a quick note about the gift and I even add prices so I know what was spent.  This helps keep a budget in tact! If I’m in a store with my hands full, as soon as I get in the car or a place where I can make a quick note, I do that! This has been so great for me. Yes, I love my pens and paper but I ALWAYS have my phone and have the information at my fingertips when the hubs and I are in Target and can’t remember even one thing we’ve bought for the kids.
Give this a try! I promise it’s so easy and so helpful. It will become a great tool  to access all season long!
The next quick thing I want to share is the envelope! This is a season where having an envelope in your purse is so great to throw all your receipts in. Chances are, there will need to be a return or an exchange and the worst thing is digging all over for a receipt {if you even kept it!}
I have used paper envelopes but last year I bought a plastic one like this:
I found that it held up better and was easier to find, since I like to carry ridiculously large handbags!
And that is really all there is to that! Make your list {so you can check it twice… Or three times} and throw a gift receipt envelope in your bag! When you’re handed the receipt, throw it in there and you’re set!
Happy shopping, listing and gifting!
Until next time,