This past week Millisa and I decided to put all blogging and business aside out of respect for our community, which suffered a tragic loss last Sunday, June 8th. Two of our husbands’ colleagues were murdered while innocently eating their lunch. These men were esteemed police officers for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Reflecting on the “why” drives us all nuts.

Instead, focusing on the people these proud men were and the legacies they’ve left behind has helped me remember what’s really important in this lifetime. Witnessing how good most people are, as the generosity of many this past week has been beyond exceptional.

With heartfelt reflection, I’ve been reminded of what truly matters in this lifetime:

-The quick kiss to your spouse before leaving the house matters.
-Reading the same book over and over to your kids matters.
-The 10 minutes joking with your buddy in the parking lot matters.
-The smile you gave a coworker walking down the hall matters.
-The trip back home to spend a weekend with your childhood friend matters.
-Your time and who you spend your time with are the only “things” that matter.

No one mentioned how much money these men made, what kind of car they drove or how big their house was in their eulogies. I didn’t hear a word about the number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers or their highest score on a video game.

I heard story after story of two men who loved greatly and about the moments they spent with the people in their lives.

Just a little reminder to ask ourselves, “What am I doing with my time?”

Thank you to those who give their time to the service of others.