During a recent conversation with a gal pal, she made the statement, “I wake up in the morning and wonder which hat I’m wearing today.”

This is a typical topic in our conversations as wives and mothers trying to “do it all”.

“Do it all….Have it all.” These statements permeate our cultural lingo like the sugar and caffeine from a mocha-latte-double shot-with whip courses through our veins.

Then comes that crash. The crash of reality when we ask ourselves, what the heck is “it all”, anyway?

As I ponder this great mystery of “it all” I realized that maybe we just focus on the wrong things.

The focus shouldn’t be on achieving certain statuses, it should be on deciding what your unique “it all” is and enjoying it while you have it.

Think of it in terms of “which hat are you wearing right now.”

The parent hat– I have 3 kids and let me tell you they truly do grow up way too fast! So when you’re spending time with your kids, be fully there for the moment. Work, television, the phone can wait and focus on those precious moments. ( Great, now I have Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle” stuck in my head.)

The work hat– Whether you are a business owner, an employee, in management of some type, or a stay at home parent, focus and take pride in the work you do. Don’t cheat your employer out of the money they’re paying you for your time. Personal responsibilities should be done on your own time. (Full disclosure, yes I’ve been guilty of this and yes I am sorry to my former bosses.)

The spouse/partner hat– Whatever type of committed relationship you’re in….well be committed. It’s tough enough so make uninterrupted time for each other. There’s nothing better than having a partner to walk through this life with, so make that person your priority on a regular basis.

The______ hat– I think you’re getting the gist of this. Whatever YOUR list of “it all” is focus on it.

My personal “it all’s” are:

Focusing on the people I’m with at the moment I am with them. Focusing on them by making eye contact, laughing and listening to them. Being with them. To me there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing two people sitting next to each other on their cell phones. Man, life’s too short!

To experience as much as I can in this life. I am a complete travel junkie and become obsessed with travel plans and the places I’m going to see. My goal is to learn as much about this earth and the people who live on it as I can.

To constantly challenge myself. Me…a blog writer? A business owner? Who the heck did I think I was? Someone “like me” doing such things? Well I am. So I’ve stepped into the ring and have taken on the challenge. It isn’t easy…..but easy is boring.

To have a home where everyone who shares it with me feels comfortable and loved. I want visitors to help themselves to the fridge and put their feet on the furniture. Even though I’m a professional organizer, I would rather enjoy the company than the cleanliness.

So figure out what your own personal “it all” list is, forget what the heck society says it should be and put on your hats!

Too simple?

Everything in life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Enjoy Life Organized!


Share with us your unique hats!

And everyone needs a goofy hat from time to time.