This is the post you don’t want to read. This is the one where I tell you to stop avoiding whatever you’ve been avoiding and deal with it.

Truth be told…I have always struggled with certain areas of my life (paperwork, those boxes in the garage and the not-so-fun items on my to-do list for example).

Last Thursday that stuff had been piling up from my business, home/family duties and overall life.

After the kiddos made their way to school and the little one to the sitter, I dedicated an entire morning of dealing with my own stuff. Let me tell ya it was painful.

It is far easier to help other people deal with their stuff than it is to deal with my own.

As I trudged through that to-do list I found myself desperately wanting to seek a distraction. I forced my way through and tackled that list of items I had been putting on the back burner week after week. I made it through….eventually.

Whether your “it” is piled up paperwork, a house project, closets, garage, losing weight, finishing a scrapbook or a plethora of “its’ here are a few tips to help you out a bit:

  1. Prioritize– I once heard the phrase, “When everything is a priority, then you have no priorities.”  (Google says Simon Fulleringer is responsible for that quote.) So choose wisely. Three is an easy number to start with. Once you’ve accomplished those three items then you can add more. (Personally, I like six. That’s just me though. Choose a number smaller than ten is all I’m saying.)
  2. Use the Timer Method– Not sure what that is? It’s simple. Use the timer function on your phone and set it to a desired amount of time. Be realistic and try not to go too long. The longer you go the more likely you are to get distracted. When that timer “dings!” move on to something else.
  3. Avoid distractions-When things are really piling up it is time for you to say goodbye momentarily to your phone, Facebook, pinning, tv even the family and get to work! A little music in the background can help add a little pep to your step while tackling that project or list!
  4. STOP adding to it!!! – For goodness sake if your closets are a mess then STOP shopping!! If you haven’t scrapped in some type of book for eleven years do NOT go to the craft store to buy more stuff. Lastly, and most importantly if not enough time is your “it” then learn to say, “NO”.
  5. Just do it.- There’s not much more to say about that. We’re all adults. Being an adult means you have to deal with the “not-fun-stuff”. Waaa. Just do it.


Enjoy Life Organized My Friends!