Yeah I said it. The “c” word.

It is a Monday morning, two days before Christmas none the less, and I find myself sitting in a hospital room waiting for my dear husband as he endures yet another bone marrow biopsy.

He was diagnosed on February 17, 2011 with a chronic form of leukemia (CML). After five months of dating someone most people would be wondering if this person was the “one”. I on the other hand found myself thrust into hours of internet research on leukemia, which looking back I realized I must have known he WAS the “one”. We didn’t hesitate with our future plans and have forged full speed ahead since.

We are extremely fortunate that he has responded remarkably well to a daily oral treatment.

Hopefully today’s test results will confirm remission and take our oncology visits from four times a year down to only twice a year.

In the cancer world that is as good as winning the lottery.

So, as the topic of my blog post implies, I am thankful for the greatest lesson cancer has taught me.

That lesson is gratitude.

Gratitude for every precious moment on this earth, for every safe trip home at night, every dollar in my bank account, every sight of my precious ones snuggled in bed, and for a God that loves me more than I can comprehend.

Since I’ve chosen to not be in constant fear and have instead chosen gratitude I have found myself on several awesome paths in my life.

In the sentiment of this holiday season I ask each of you to consider countering any feeling of fear or negativity with a statement of gratitude.

As The great Zig Ziglar states, “The greatest source of happiness is to be grateful at all times.”

This I tell you IS the secret to happiness.

Many thanks to you all for reading my blog!