Happy Thursday, friends! We are almost to Friday, and a special one at that! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend. Make sure to take lots of pictures and make special memories!

Today I have done a lot of cleaning. A lot. It’s been a busy week and I feel as though my home was neglected and literally sobbing tears…or maybe it was crumbs; either way, I devoted some time to getting things clean and pristine. In between all of this joyous fun, my gramma called me. We gabbed for a while and when I was off the phone I was thinking of the many things she taught me growing up, about keeping a home. I think many of my OCD awesome cleaning philosophies came from her.  Now, I will say that being a youngin’, oh how I despised didn’t particularly love the  cleaning chores.  The worst was the dusting of the tchotchkes. My sweet gram has tchotchkes to the moon and back.  And that was always a special job for me to do.  Haha, oh the good ol’ days.

But, aside from the dusting, I was taught how to appropriately clean a bathroom {the entire toilet}, a kitchen{never, ever let the sun go down on dirty dishes}, clean all floors{so they don’t sound sticky when you walk}, make a bed with crisp sheets, and more.  With this, I was also taught  the amazingness of homemade, household products that could be turned into cleaners.  Things like white vinegar, lemon oil, baking soda, ammonia, cut lemons have been a long used staple for her.

When I first married and began making a home of my own, I was really lulled in by cleaning products that smelled delicious.  I even bought a Swiffer mop {not my most glorious decision} and I loved to try a plethora of different products.  I was like a hustler in the cleaning aisle at Target.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have cleaning products that I buy corporately, that do the job I need them to do {i.e: toilet bowl cleaner, windex, dusting spray} but after having ridiculous sounding floors {thanks to the swifter mop; it literally sounded like an octopus popping it’s tentacles off the floor when you walked} and having times that I needed something to scour with, but still being in my pajamas, all gross and stuff- not daring to run to the store, my mind brought me back to my gramma. The recipes she taught me, the tips and tricks. Many of these are now those super cool “homemade” posts ya’ll might be pinning on your board; and they actually do work wonderfully.

Vinegar can be used in nearly any type of cleaning solution you’re trying to make.  We currently use a recipe for our hardwood floors that has worked fabulously and leaves our floors looking stellar.  Baking soda is super rad too.  It is an amazing and cheap cleanser and scouring product; think Comet.  Cut lemons can take hard water buildup off of faucets and then can be put down the garbage disposal with ice cubes to clean your disposal system.  There are SO many uses for  these ingredients and I am coming back to basics, like my gramma told me; saving money, time and the environment :)  What’s not to love?!

What are your favorite homemade cleaning products?  Please, oh, please share with us!

Happy cleaning & until next time,