Last week I had dinner with a dear friend and fellow blogger Monika (check out her blog Since blogging is relatively new to me I had asked her for some feedback on my blog. She gave me a wonderful suggestion to share more of “Moments That Matter” and “Life In Balance”. So I am launching this new feature every Monday.

Moments that Matter is inspired by the past few years of focusing on the things that really matter in my life and shrugging off the rest. If you read my post, “Life In Balance”  I shared the journey of my husband’s cancer diagnosis and how we’ve gone forward since.

These experiences have led me to start my own business which allows me to have the flexibility of working from home, setting my own schedule, and helping others in the process.

I have become an organizer and am building my business so I may help others with some of those mundane tasks in life, clear out the clutter (physical and mental), so that my clients may have more time to focus on the people and things that matter to them most.

I promise to be open and honest with my readers and clients to have the integrity that I am living a life that is purposeful. My intentions are not to give an impression that I live a perfect life, in a perfect home, with a perfect husband and children. I feel there is too much of that in social media and it saddens me to see friends feeling pressured to portray themselves and their life in a manner simply to impress others.

That is NOT what this girl is about!

Now don’t get me wrong. If I’ve discovered an awesome way to organize the toilet paper in my linen closet I want to show it to you, the neighbors, the UPS guy, and the lady walking her dog down my street! I’m not above getting an “Atta girl!” from anyone!

So thank you Monika for your wonderful suggestion. Thank you readers of One Organized Mama! I promise to share with you great tips, tricks, ideas, and anecdotes for organizing my life and inspiring you to organize yours!

Enjoy Life Organized!


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