Here it is….the ONE step to help you declutter a space!

We begin with a process we like to call “KTSD Zoning”. KTSD simply stands for: KEEP TRASH SELL/SHRED DONATE !

Set up KTSD zone signs near your project of choice. We suggest you start small when first beginning to get organized. It can easily get overwhelming so the smaller the better.

Now, once you’ve chosen your space simply take an item and place it in one of the zones. Once the space has been decluttered toss the TRASH, bag up DONATIONS, SHRED the papers and place the KEEP back neatly in the space! If you have items to SELL then snap those photos and get them online! 

You’ve done it! It’s truly that easy!!

A few tips to help you during this process:

  • Spend only 2-3 seconds on each item.
  • When in doubt…KEEP! You can always toss or donate later.
  • DON’T LEAVE until you’re finished!! Just place item in the KEEP zone and put away when you’re finished.

Again, the smaller the space the better! You want to set yourself up for success and certainly give yourself a pat on the back once you’ve decluttered and purged that space!

Print our fun and colorful KTSD zone signs and diagrams at our Etsy store! Click here.

Happy Organizing!