organization checklist:selling your home

Organizing Checklist:

Selling Your Home


First Impression Spaces


  • Throw away trash.
  • Remove toys.
  • Toss potted plants that are dying/dead.
  • Always keep entrance neat and tidy.


Entry Way

  • Remove shoes, coats, purses, backpacks and keys.
  • Depersonalize space by removing photos and personal items.


Room By Room


  • Remove appliances from countertops.
  • Clean out fridge/freezer. Throw out old, expired and almost empty food items and containers. Wipe down inside and outside.
  • Clean out pantry. Throw out old/expired food items.
  • Under the sink. Remove cleaners you aren’t currently using.


***A favorite tip of mine is to arrange all food, cleaners, candles, toiletries and other items you don’t want to pack on a table in your home. Invite friends and neighbors over to take what they want!***


Living/Family Rooms

  • Toss/recycle magazines, catalogs and newspapers.
  • Remove non-essential pet items. Clean litter box and yard at least once a day.
  • Clear bookshelves. Donate old books and declutter shelves. Neatly arrange a few items on each shelf.
  • Remove photos and limit wall art to a few well-placed pieces.
  • Remove heavy drapes/curtains.
  • Donate unwanted/unused furniture.



  • Toss old toiletry items.
  • Clear countertops and only keep out a couple of neatly folded towels.
  • Contain necessities under cabinet sinks neatly in bins.
  • Don’t forget to declutter tubs, showers and medicine cabinets, as buyers WILL look inside.
  • Store medications in locked locations that can’t be accessed.



  • Make bed daily.
  • Remove personal items.
  • Utilize under the bed storage bins.
  • Clear the tops of dressers.
  • Remove heavy drapes/curtains.
  • Remove non-bedroom items.
  • Securely store jewelry, electronics and other valuables.


Children’s Rooms

  • Contain toys in bins, baskets and containers. (Easy clean up before showings.)


Laundry Room

  • Keep up with laundry (1 load a day helps!)
  • Keep dirty clothes in covered baskets.
  • Wipe down washer/dryer and sweep up lint.
  • Pare down cabinet contents to laundry products currently using.


Closets (Don’t stuff! Uncluttered closets look more spacious and are appealing to buyers.)

  • Pack out of season clothing, shoes and outerwear.
  • Remove extra hangers. Using the same type of hanger makes the space look more appealing.
  • Neatly fold/hang remaining items.
  • Clear the floors as much as possible.


Home Office

  • File important paperwork in a locked file cabinet.
  • Binders keep bills and current paperwork accessible.
  • Secure items that contain personal information.



  • Donate/Trash/Repack boxes that have been stored.
  • Donate old toys, tools, holiday, sport and auto items.
  • Sweep garage floor.


Ideas for “Junk” Spaces

“Junk” Room

Declutter and create a guest room, home office, and reading space or craft room. Donate unused/unwanted furniture!

“Junk” Cabinet

Declutter and create a utility cabinet with inexpensive small containers.

“Junk” Drawer

Declutter and create a utility drawer with an inexpensive drawer insert. Consider placing like items (screws, pens, spare change etc.) inside labeled sandwich bags.


Lastly, consider donating, selling, tossing and recycling as much as you can before your upcoming move. You may save significantly on your moving costs.


Live like a minimalist and always be ready to show your home!!!

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