What To Keep...What Not To Keep....THAT is the question!

  1. Do You Use It? Not sure? Use the sticky dot test. Place a colored sticky dot on the item in a conspicuous spot, over the opening, on the power switch or in an area where you’d have to remove the dot to use it. If you haven’t used it in 30 days, then it may be time to give it away.
  2. Do You Love It? If so, why do you love it?  A great fitting pair of jeans that you love is worth saving. That pile of sloppy, ill-fitting, over-stretched sweatpants….not so much.
  3. Is It Sentimental? A sentimental item does not belong in a crummy cardboard box stored in a cramped garage or storage space. If you have a sentimental attachment to an item it absolutely deserves a proper spot in your home. 
  4. Does It Fit? Do NOT save clothes that do not currently fit your body. If and when you lose the 40 pounds you will not want to wear your flare-legged jeans from 1999. You won’t. You will want new jeans….and shirts, skirts, shorts and cute undies. For heavens sake, NEVER save clothes that are too big “just-in-case-you-gain-the-weight-back”! Never. I’ve had clients do this. This is where I put my foot down as a professional organizer! 
  5. Does It Work? You’re not going to find the missing piece. You’re never going to take it to get repaired. (It’s probably less expensive to buy a new one anyway..). No one in your family wants it. You will never make the time to repair it yourself. If you haven’t ordered the “part” yet, you’re never going to so GET RID OF IT. Now. 
  6. Does It Have Value?  Yes, it may have value. So, either use it, sell it or donate it. Truly, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Don’t underestimate the value another person places on your donations. If you can’t use it, someone else probably can.
  7. Does It Have A Home In Your Home? Our number one rule as professional organizers…..it MUST have a home in your home. If it doesn’t then create one. If you can’t create one then you don’t need it.

The End.

Happy Organizing and thank you for taking the time to read our blog!