This morning I had a conversation with two dear friends and the topic of journaling came up. I have always been a strong believer in writing things down mostly to get them out of my head. I don’t keep a formal journal per se and anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a sucker for a nice pen and notebook!

In a day where technology is king, why would I continue the antiquated art of journaling?

Here’s why:

Problem Solving- The moments when I feel completely overwhelmed either with too many choices or not enough I will write make two columns. ISSUES and SOLUTIONS. It is not uncommon for me to have my first solution in my head before my pen hits the paper. Why? Research suggests that the physical act of writing occupies the left side of the brain allowing your right side to problem solve.

Get Organized- This is the numero uno reason I write things down! On a daily basis I am flooded with to-do’s, must-do’s and have-to-do’s. If I do not write down a plan of action for who needs to be where, at what time and all encompassing details my life would be a wreck.  I often use a project planner to list out phone calls I need to make, errands I need to run, things I need to buy, take, pack or send.

Plan Out My Day- One of my first daily tasks is to write down things I MUST do for the day. I even write down daily tasks that must be done every day as it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment to tick those items off my list!

Road Map- I absolutely love going back to old journals and notebooks to read where I’ve been and if I’ve accomplished what I set out to. Jotting down thoughts and ideas of where I’d like to go serves as a sort of road map for my life.


The drawer where I keep a stack of notebooks and journals. Many given to me as gifts, each thoroughly cherished and all serve as a wonderful tool for keeping me sane!

Thank you for reading One Organized Mama and please share in the comments your experiences with journaling.