Have piles of paperwork to organize and no idea how to start?

Good news! We have a few wonderful solutions for you!

  • How To Use Your Household Binder Diagram 
    • Paperwork should fall into one of two categories: Short-Term and Long-Term. Short-term are your “Action” or “Must Do” items. Long-term are for items to be filed.
    • Every item should have a home. Create general categories such as “Auto” instead of “Honda”, “Pets” instead of “Scout”. Color coding your filing system helps you know where to put items. Green hanging files work great for financial records.
    • Binders are great for short-term paperwork as they are mobile, have a limited amount of space which forces you to deal with their contents.
    • For a quick reference our diagram can be downloaded and purchased from for only 99 cents!
  • One Organized Household Binder 


Our binder is your one-place-for-everything paperwork solution.

A basic binder is $35 and includes:

  • A 3-ring binder with colorful cover
  • An 8×11 binder pocket
  • 1 business card page
  • 8 pocket dividers
  • 16 page protectors
  • How To Use Your Household Binder page
  • Important Information page
  • 12-page Monthly Planning Calendar
  • 2 Birthdays and Anniversaries reminder pages
  • Monthly Bill Planner page
  • Password Keeper page

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  • Paperwork Workshop  

For only $20 attend one of our workshops and learn how to organize your paperwork and maintain it. A hands on demonstration gives you experience you can apply at home.

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