Organizing your Physical/Health Bucket is all about time management. Carving time into your daily routine to take care of yourself is literally “vital”. If you don’t take care of this bucket your body will force you to at some point.

Full disclosure here….I don’t love this bucket. I need to work on this bucket.

As I stated before I’m pretty good with my financial bucket so in order to save money I canceled my gym memberships.

So what does a thrifty girl who wants to save a buck do to get a good workout in?

Download an app! Workout from home! Get a workout outside because it’s FREE!

I found 7 workout apps that I’m going to give a go. I am committing to try out each one for at least 5 days! I will fit in at least 20 minutes per day to each. I chose 3 with a variety of workouts, 2 for running (this girl kinda likes to run…who knew!), and 2 for yoga (truly my favorite).

  • Hot 5 Fitness


  • Fit Star


  • Sworkit


  • Couch-to-5K


  • Charity Miles


  • Yoga Studio




Stay tuned for my review of each app and my progress organizing my physical/health bucket.

Here’s to better health!