The Physical/Health Bucket….not my favorite.

Well I did it… least I began working on it. I began the challenge I set forth for myself; a commitment to trying different workout apps. I felt that a workout app would be beneficial for someone like me who makes very little time during my day to workout. An app would offer a no-excuse opportunity to get a workout in in the comfort of my own home. Well I may be on to something.

On my January 4th post , I set out a challenge to myself to try seven different workout apps at least 5 times each.

I began with Hot 5 Fitness.


The app provides a variety of five minute workouts. Although the free workouts are limited, you can purchase (or unlock) the other workouts to get more variety. Yoga, Partner Workouts, Target Area Workouts (legs, core, abs, butt etc.) I chose 4 different 5-minute workouts to make a 20-minute workout session for five days. (Not in a row….more on that later.) I rotated between:

  • Full Body Stretch
  • Complete Abs
  • Cardio Basics
  • Firm Arms
  • Functional Warm Up
  • Total Body
  • Full Body Conditioning

I made time in my daily routine to fit these 20 minutes in early in the morning. I woke up and immediately put on my workout clothes….(with shoes!)….so that I may be constantly reminded to get this done! Each exercise is one minute long. Anyone can do anything for ONE minute.

Here are my pros and cons:


  • Hot 5 Fitness is easy to get started. Simply tap the workout of your choice and it gives you a quick example of the five workouts you’ll be doing. You tap play when you’re ready.
  • I actually liked the moves. They weren’t over-complicated and targeted different areas of the body.
  • I was able to get my heart rate up and cool it down in 20 minutes.
  • Each workout tells you what you’ll need before you begin. No stopping and running to find weights in the middle.
  • Most importantly, I felt results! Truth be told, after day one I had to give myself a 2 day break because I pushed myself a little too hard and was EXTREMELY sore! (Silly me!) Day 4 I jumped back in and continued on from there. This app likes planks and I noticed by the last day I was making improvements with mine.
  • My favorite feature is that each exercise is only one minute long. Which made me push myself as I repeated to myself, “Come on you big sissy! You can do this for a MINUTE!” The workouts went fast and I liked that.
  • Overall, I liked this app! I can certainly see myself continuing with it as part of my new routine to get into better shape now that 4-0 is knocking at my door in a few weeks.


  • The workouts are FAST with repetitions being every 1-3 second so it’s imperative to slow it down and not try to keep up as a beginner.
  • Since I began with the free workouts only I would have liked to have a little more variety with some of the other workout types such as yoga and partner workouts before I make the decision to purchase more.
  • Not the apps fault but I didn’t like using my phone and preferred using my iPad instead.

So, if you’re like me and will fill your daily routine with ANYTHING but a good workout you’re out of excuses! Hot 5 Fitness makes it almost too easy to get in a quick, high quality and beneficial workout!

I definitely suggest you check this out!

Note** I believe this app is only available at the iTunes store. 

I would love to hear your suggestions and comments on your fave workout apps!

Thanks for reading!