I have a large age span between my kids. From my bite-size toddler to my preteen to my to my already grown young man….(sniff…tear…)

With the Christmas holiday quickly sneaking up I have found myself glancing at my two youngest room’s, with a hint of fear at what the upcoming toy haul is going to add to the current toy load.

I remembered a great organizing tip I learned waaay back in the day when my youngest was a wee one and I had a small in-home daycare. Set up CENTERS!

Here’s how it works:

First things first. Cull through and donate unused and outgrown toys to your favorite charity. I have always had my children participate fully in this process with me as I throw in a few, “Think of the little children out there with no toys and no homes….how blessed you are to receive more wonderful gifts every year for your birthday and Christmas…..how grateful other children will be to just receive one toy this Christmas……” It works like a charm I tell ya!

  • READING CENTER- Place a small bookshelf, with a small chair, cushions, beanbag, next to it and watch your little reader enjoy their new quiet space.
  • CRAFT CENTER- Purchase a multi-drawer cabinet filled with items such as extra wrapping paper, little odds and ends, scissors, crayons and watch your crafty kid cut, color, paint you masterpieces to cherish for years to come. A quick wipe of the table into a trash bin and clearly labeled drawers make clean up easy peasy!
  • BUILDING CENTER- This one is easy with blocks, Legos, and any other building materials in boxes/bins on a space on the floor. Watch your budding architect build away!
  • DRESS UP CENTER- Place Halloween costumes, old items from Mom and Dad’s closet, a plethora of hats, headbands, and more and enjoy Oscar worthy performances from your munchkin actors.

The possibilities are endless! Create your own centers tailored to your kids specific interests.

I’d love to hear your ideas of spaces you create to keep your kids occupied…..and organized….but sssshhh….don’t tell them that part!

Enjoy Life Organized friends and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!