I am totally and madly in love with busy! I fill my life full of so much stuff so I can stay busy that it drives my husband (who likes not busy) absolutely nuts.

I chose a career that keeps me busy seven days a week. Anyone who is a business owner knows there really are no days off especially in the beginning.

Lately, I have realized that all that busy has created a bit of neglect in my own home and surroundings. So life is about balance, right?

So what does a person who loves busy do to balance things out? She turns off every electronic item that is near her, says the word “no” to invites and other activities, and focuses on home. (In fact I’m on a Facebook diet for my personal account. The only time I will allow myself to be on a computer if it is for my bills, blog and my business.)

Those of us who stay busy all the time let crazy build up in our heads and busy distracts us from it. When crazy is in your head it has a way of creeping out and manifesting itself in a lot of funky ways in your life if you don’t deal with it.

What do you think clutter is???

So that is what my focus has been for days. I miss my friends. I miss what great restaurant my foodie friends checked in at……(actually no I don’t.)

This balancing things out and focusing more on home has been paying off with less chaos at Casa de Ralat. My husband even mentioned at dinner last night, “You’re different. You’re not so stressed. It’s kinda nice.” If you know my husband you’d know this is kinda a big thing. He isn’t one to make observations like that often.

What’s more funny is that as I sat down to write this quick blog post (in my very quiet house) I glanced over to my left and saw this word stand out to me.



It spoke volumes and told me when I focus on balance in my life then my reward will be to be at peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

May you find balance that brings you peace in your own life.