Raise your hand if you’ve ever kept an item because you thought, “I know I can use that someday….” Yet someday never comes. That item gets shoved in a closet or in the garage to become faded, dusty, moldy and when pulled back out one day you say to yourself, “Where did THAT come from??”

GUILTY!  It’s hard for many of us to throw away items that may have life left in them.

Here are a few simple rules to implement if this sounds like you:

  • Try the 1 week rule. If you haven’t found a new purpose for the item then OUT it goes.
  • While deciding where, how and what to repurpose the item for place it in a conspicuous spot. This way you’ll pass by it and be reminded that the clock is ticking and you need to decide if it’s going to stay or go.
  • In order for an item to be repurposed it must be functional, sturdy, clean, and have a place and purpose.
  • Donate, Donate, Donate! If you can’t use it someone else can.
  • Think outside the box. (So cliché, I know.) Here are a few items that I’ve repurposed in my own home.

What was once a lovely gift basket filled to the rim with goodies is now used to hold cookbooks on the kitchen counter.













This little red box fit index cards with recipes on them nicely. If it gets messy well….no love lost.












A spur of the moment decision to wash out and use this brightly colored can in my cabinet to hold random plastic utensils. (Please don’t hold on to cans for a week though……ewww.)
















This large jar used to hold flour in my cabinet. The glass lid broke and I hated the thought of just tossing it in the garbage. It sat around for the full week until I realized I needed a place to hold my business receipts. I slapped a label on it and now when I empty my wallet those buggers have an immediate place they go!
















So there you have it. A few suggestions on repurposing items…..you crafty cats YOU!!!!

I would LOVE to see some of your repurposing projects.

Please share and ENJOY LIFE ORGANIZED!!!