My oh my!  Tomorrow we will be ringing all of those school bells and welcoming our children back to the new season of school, and a new grade!  This is such an exciting time and this year is going to be great!  Take a deep breath, mama, you made it through the summer!  Now, let’s get through the first day and the school year together!

Tonight I just wanted to share some tips that you may have forgotten about.  These simple little tips can help you have a smooooth morning tomorrow {and for as long as you do it}. So, let’s get right to it….

First thing first, you and your kiddos need to lay out the clothes and shoes they have gotten for back to school.  If you have tried everything on, and it is good to go then take off all tags and stickers.  Let your little babe pick his/her outfit for tomorrow and have that laid out in a location where you will continue to do so.  This will include socks, shoes, undies and accessories for the outfit!  When said little babe wakes in the morning, s/he can get dressed right away and there will be no searching for that one matching sock or that one hair bow that just HAS to go with that shirt.  You can do this quick little trick every evening and it saves you at least five minutes in the morning, if not more.  

Next, be sure that their backpack is filled with all of their school supply goodies and is hanging in the designated “backpack” area.  Each evening your child can take a moment to go through the backpack and rid of any papers that are unnecessary to keep.  The remaining items should be filed in their binder or folder.  Every so often, do a dump of the backpack to rid of scraps of paper, gum wrappers, and pencil sharpening crumbs.  Having the backpack organized and hanging in the proper place will eliminate searching for homework and other ridiculous things that our babes can lose.  Again saving you time in the morning; at least five minutes!

Last, is lunch!  i am a total fan of making what I can the night before and having the lunchbox fully {or mostly} packed so I am not trying to do this chore in the morning before I have even had coffee.  It’s just wrong to do that to yourself, mama! ;)  But seriously, you can make that turkey sammie the evening before, pack that up with some pretzels, grapes, cheese stick and drink and it can be closed up, placed in the fridge and your little babe can grab it and run in the morning.  This again, can save you up to fifteen minutes!  

Get geared up for this new school year and enjoy it to the fullest!  These kiddos grow so fast!  Happy Back To School to you and yours!

Until next time,