Hi guys!  Man, it has been a minute since I wrote a blog.  Life has been CrAzY! Being a busy mama sometimes means that the days get away from you, and before you know it, a week or two have passed.  We are full of birthdays in the family the next few months, last trip of the summer is this week and then back to school and baby showers!  JUST BREATHE :)

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick post with you all on a little awesome org job I did the other day.  My little guy had a birthday and he got lots of play-doh goodies from our family.  He LOVES play-doh.  Might even be a tad obsessed.  Point is, we have way a lot of play-doh and play-doh tools and play-doh kits {are you play-doh’d out yet?}.  My inner clean freak has had to chill waaaay out to be cool with the daily playing of said doh.  I think though, being able to organize it has helped my head :)  So, as you see here, this is play-doh mess in it’s former state:

2014-08-11 10.22.07

Now, this is just some of it, but you totally get the jist.  There are also tons of kits {dentist kit, digger truck kit, Mickey Mouse kit, sweet shop kit, etc…} and my solution to keeping theses kits and all of their pieces and doh together was quite simple.  I absolutely love storage bins and right now Target has a five pack of these for only $5.99!  I have bought three packs and have been using them like crazy!

2014-08-11 10.21.05

So, now each kit has its very own bin and label!  Holler!  Seriously though, it is such a small project but has made a HUGE difference in our mess of play-doh.The little dude loves to pick his bin to play and it makes cleaning up & putting the correct parts back together a breeze!  We are all about the little things that make life easier and make our home a place that makes us smile!  We hope your home makes you smile too!

Do you have any kiddos that love play-doh?  Give this a little project a try!  It can be used for lego sets, art sets, marbles, collections of any kind!  As aways we would love to hear from you!  Have a fantastic Monday!

Until next time,