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Hire an Organization Coach

Organization Coaching Programs

If you’re unsure how or where to start with managing your time, clearing clutter, or getting organized then Organization Coaching may be the right fit for you.

Janel, the founder of One Organized Mama will work alongside you to teach you how to use effective time management and organization techniques to help keep you accountable.

First, choose your program:

  • Time Management

  • Clearing Clutter

  • Organizing Paperwork

  • Organized Habits & Routines

Next, your initial 45-minute consultation, which outlines your program, will be scheduled.

You’ll receive a code to download your printable guide for free.

Once your initial consultation is complete you’ll schedule your 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Janel for a six-week period.

Each session you will show Janel your progress through photos/video, answer questions you have, give you suggestions on how to overcome obstacles you’re facing, assign you homework, and CHEER YOU ON…because everyone deserves a high-five for hard work!

Each program is $399 for the 6-week course. There are no refunds as this is an accountability program that you MUST commit to following in order to see results.

Once you’ve completed the initial 6-week course you can sign up for a monthly maintenance course for only $99 per month. You’ll receive 2 30-minute coaching sessions per month and updates to your printable guide.

Are you ready to FINALLY get control of your time, organize your home, and your life?

Let’s get started.



Organized By Hannah
Hannah Dimick

POISE Organizer since 2015

Specializing in:

* Kitchens
* Closets
* Garages
* Clearing Your Clutter
* Personal Shopping

$49 per hour (package discounts available)




Organized Paradise
Sydnee Hatfield

POISE Organizer since 2018

Specializing in:

* Closets
* Pantries
* Kitchens
* Home Offices

$40 per hour (package discounts available)




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Nearly There Organizing
Victor Sevilla

Professional Organizer since 2019
Specializing in:
Office Supplies
Storage Spaces

$49 per hour (package discounts available)



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