This hamper was found on Walmart.com. Here’s the link: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Seville-Classics-3-Bag-Laundry-Sorter

Confession….this is actually a chore I like! There’s something about conquering those piles in the hamper and putting away fresh clean clothes. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from this humble chore….unlike the dreaded kitchen which constantly demands my attention.

I’m able to manage this chore by tossing 1 load in washer immediately after I make my bed in the morning. It’s then ready to be put into dryer before I walk out the door.  I fold and put away at night before I head to bed. Doing one load a day helps me keep this task manageable in a family of five.

For those who don’t share my passion, here’s a quick laundry tip to minimize your laundry time. Pre-sort those stinky socks and dirty digs with a sorting hamper!

To make it easy create 3 labels:




Depending on your space you can also purchase 3 inexpensive laundry baskets. Label and place in a closet for the same purpose.

Here’s  hoping this new trick will give you an extra five minutes to enjoy your coffee in the morning.

Enjoy Your Life Organized!