Hello readers!  Happy hump day to you this fine Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind week with lots of errands and kiddo stuff going on.  Life is good and today we have enjoyed some time shopping with the boys to get their new backpacks and lunch boxes.  This post has been inspired by my mind going mach speed and needing to figure out a solution to our homework anxieties.  So this is how we are winding up talking about school already!

You guys, I kid you not…school is starting in LESS than a month!  YIKES!  So much hustle and bustle going on.  Parents out with their kids trying on new clothes and picking up the goodies in the supplies aisles.  It really has been a fast {but fantastic} summer and we are going to enjoy the last couple of weeks we have of it!  With this being said, it is probably a great time to start thinking about how you would ideally like your kiddos set up in your home for homework time.  It might not seem that big of a deal, but trust me mama, doing a few easy things will make it seem like a day at the beach {almost}!

While all of the supplies for school are at killer prices, I would suggest picking up extras, other than what your kids need to bring to school. This will help you to prepare an all-star homework center.  You will want things like: pencils, pink erasers, glue sticks, pens, markers, crayons, scissors.  You will also want a caddy to carry all of these goodies in, like you see below:

hwbin hwbin2You can even get crafty and label all of the spots and cubbies for your kids to know exactly where to store everything.  Be sure to pick a caddy that is big enough to hold the essentials that you need but not too big to store in a nearby cabinet or corner.  Now, when the kids come home from school and after their snack, they can grab the homework caddy and get started on the homework so that they may have the rest of the evening to play!  No more searching for a pencil or a certain color of crayon; it’s all at their fingertips.  

Next thing to think about is where you want your kids to do their homework.  Most families don’t have a room solely designated for homework and most families actually use the kitchen table.  There is nothing wrong with that!  My kids like to do their work at the table and I like it because I can be around them for assistance.  It also gives me “mama vision” on them to be sure they are staying on task.  My kids have graduated to their own “homework” caddy, as it is very diverse in what a High School junior needs as to a sixth grader to a second grader.  And to be honest, they like having their own little goodies.  We like to turn on music really low and just get it all done so that we can play!  This has actually been the most successful plan for my boys.  Any quiet, calm and peaceful spot is perfect for homework time.  It can be an actual desk, it can be the kitchen counter or just the good ole kitchen table.  The key to success is keeping the supplies organized and accessible and having a place that your children KNOW is the homework spot.

Once homework is done, kids can place their folder and other things to take back to school the next day in their back pack, put away their caddy and move along!  Easy peasy, lemon breezy {as my 7 year old says!}.

Take advantage of the great sales and stock up your homework area. We even stock up on notebooks and loose leaf paper.  I also super love having an electronic pencil sharpener, but a little regular one is great too.  Make your list and take it with you to your fave back-to-school supply store while you get your kids’ stuff and have some fun choosing and organizing!

Now, doesn’t that sound like a day at the beach?!  

Until next time & happy organizing,