Moms…join with me as we sing this anthem…”Schooooooooools ouuuuuuut for the Summer!” Yay, right?! It is sure refreshing to have some days that we can be carefree and spontaneous! Today I want to take a quick minute from our crazy day to share a few things with you. First and foremost is making sure that this summer is spent having fun and making memories! When you really think about what is important in life, it’s pretty simple; family, friends, faith and memories!

My kiddos and I have made some summer bucket list activities that we surely want to accomplish before that school bell chimes. Here is an example of our adventures:
summer-bucket-list (1)
Now, of course, this isn’t all we plan on doing! We will be reading The Secret Of Nihm this summer. We will be swimming until we are as wrinkled as raisins as one can be. We will roast the puffiest marshmallows in all of ever and make ooey-gooey s’mores. We will be doing some community service. We will be doing some carpet/movie night picnics and water gun fights. We will be doing some super fun house projects and some trips to the mountains. BUT we will also have some lazy days that the kids will build Lego cities and towers while momma does laundry. We might even have days that we are all still in our pajamas at 6pm & eating pancakes for dinner. Truly, take time to have days with no plans! That is the beauty of summer break.

Gather up your family and write your own summer bucket list. Make sure that everyone gets to have their ideas included! Go further and decorate and design a poster chart with your list {this is how to keep your ideas organized}. The kids can help with this! Pin it somewhere that everyone can see and be sure to check off your boxes as you accomplish each adventure! This would be a perfect memory keeper to store away too. One day, when you are reminiscing with your kiddos, you can pull this chart out and daydream about what a fantastic summer you had!

Oh, and one last thing…

Until next time,