The number one benefit to being organized fits in with “Moments That Matter Mondays”.


This one word helped me begin this journey into blogging and starting my own business. Looking back at a few years ago where I felt completely lost, I realize now the small actions I was taking were guiding me to this point. The most important of those actions was saying “thank you” on a daily basis. No matter how hard the day, the news, the work was I forced myself to say “thank you” for the lesson and the blessings.

You may be asking how organizing and gratitude have anything to do with each other.

Well here’s why.

We fill our lives with so many distractions. Whether it be over spending, over-extending ourselves to commitments, spending precious time trying to impress others on social media, avoiding neglected projects around your home and filling our lives with many unnecessary tasks, we ultimately lose sight of gratitude.

We buy into the nonsense that these things will bring us happiness. They never do of course.

Stopping the madness by tuning out the noise and begin by saying “thank you” for every precious second that we’re given in this life. For every precious smeared fingerprint of our loved ones inside the front door because it means they are here for this moment. For every doctors bill because it means we’re blessed to have such good care. Respecting that every dollar in our paycheck means it was earned with our precious time doing a task that needed to be accomplished.

Start today with saying “thank you” for the people and blessings in your life.

Start tomorrow with writing down your goals to accomplish for the day.

Do these two things on a daily basis and watch your life begin to transform into a more purposeful journey.

Enjoy Life Organized my friends.


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