Yes truly you will have more time! Trust me on this.

Here are a few tips to squeeze every drop out of your day:

  • Get an early start- Don’t let that snooze button get the best part of your day. Google “traits of successful people” and one of the common threads is they get an early start on their day. Those few extra minutes in the morning will eliminate the need to rush around later, which has a negative domino effect on the rest of your day.
  • Plan your day- I heard once if you spend a few minutes in the morning writing down a plan for your day, you save  hours of time that would have been otherwise wasted.
  • Everything in its place and a place for everything-If you place your keys in the same spot every time you walk in the door, you quite possibly have saved 20 frantic minutes of searching for them when you leave in the morning. Can I hear an AMEN?!
  • Group items according to use- Create a homework zone for kids including pens, pencils, stapler, glue, and any other items they’re going to spend precious minutes searching for instead of doing their homework. Create other zones such as a caddy to keep all cleaning supplies so you can quickly carry it from room to room, a lunch box zone in your fridge and pantry so kids can pack their own lunches with parent approved food choices, and a bill paying zone to keep your budget organized.
  • Use the timer method- Set your phone timer (or an egg timer you oldie but goodies) to a SMALL increment of time. 5, 10, 15, and no more than 20 minutes and GO! Clean, organize, shred, scrub, dust, vacuum, mop, then STOP when the timer dings! Move on to your next task.

If you have time to keep up with Kim, Chloe, and the other one……then my friend you have time to get ORGANIZED!

Enjoy Life Organized.


Keep the questions coming!