Okay…..well maybe not always…..

My point is that when and if that unexpected visitor pops their head in you don’t have to use a plethora of excuses, “The kids have been sick and home all day. Looks like their feeling better now…..” “Yes! Tornados have been known to touch down and strike one house and leave the rest of the neighborhood untouched….my lucky day!”

Or you can just do that awkward head-only-out-the-door conversation with many awkward pauses as the person on the outside waits patiently for an invite inside.

So making sure every item has a place in your home and taking literally minutes a day to maintain your space will alleviate unnecessary embarrassment AND you will never hear from your family, “How come we have to clean so much before we have company over?”

Here are a few of my favorite routines:

  • DAILY TASKS- Make your bed every single day. Clean your kitchen before you go to bed at night and do one load of laundry a day.
  • FAMILY LANDING ZONE- Designate one space where everyone can drop their stuff when walking in the door and before the days end make sure that area is cleaned. Backpacks ready for the morning, paperwork signed, keys placed in their proper spot, and shoes in closets.
  • TIMER METHOD- Utilize this method by giving yourself a small increment to tackle clutter. 5-20 minutes works best. Create KEEP/TRASH/DONATE/SELL/SHRED and place items in one category. When timer “dings!” stop and put all keep items in their homes, throw out trash, place donate items in your car to drop off, snap those photos of the sell and post, and shred the rest.

Follow these tried and true tips and next time unexpected company comes over you won’t be in fear of them opening “that door” down the hall.

Better yet you and your family will always feel welcome in your own home.

Enjoy Life Organized Friends!


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