Ten Benefits Of Being Organized

For the next ten days I am going to share a benefit once a day that will inspire you to get and live organized.


How many times have you purchased something that you could swear you just bought but can’t find? Well reason numero uno on how getting and staying organized will save you money!

Getting organized prevents you from making unnecessary purchases. I make sure every item in my home has a place so I am not running to the post office to buy more stamps or purchasing more dishwasher detergent because I have no idea where the new box was placed.

For most items such as cleaners, milk, printer ink cartridges I keep two on hand.


Use oldest items first and place new ones behind it.

When one gets used up, I know it’s time to purchase a new one and place it behind the older item. That way I never run out and avoid last minute late night runs paying double the price at a convenient store. (They’re called convenient for a reason, right?)






Also, I am a sucker for organizing products but have found that repurposing items in my home is a less expensive option and eases the strain on my pocketbook. (Do people still say pocketbook? It seemed appropriate in that sentence…. I digress.)

For some people who could be described as shop-aholics (not all….I know several very organized master shoppers), shopping may be a way of avoiding the mess at home. Hitting the mall instead of hitting your master bedroom closet may be masking a bigger issue. For those who may have this issue I PROMISE you the time and effort you spend getting organized will bring you more joy than that new sweater from The Gap will ever provide!

That my friends is the first of ten benefits of getting organized! Stay tuned for my other nine reasons.

Enjoy Life Organized!



Remember I’m available for organizing help near or far!